Andrew N. Case, Ph.D.

Jerome Irving (J.I.) Rodale (1898-1971) – Image Courtesy of Rodale Archives

I am a postdoctoral teaching fellow in the Department of Environment Science and Studies at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland.

I study the history of the environmentalism in twentieth century print and consumer culture and the role of the popular press in disseminating ideas about ecology, science, and health. Additionally, I am increasingly interested in the history of green consumerism and marketing.

My dissertation – “Looking For Organic America: J.I. Rodale, The Rodale Press, and the Popular Culture of Environmentalism– used the life of publisher and organic food and natural health enthusiast J.I. Rodale to explore the role of popular culture in producing and distributing environmental ideas and practices in the twentieth century. Weaving together a history of Rodale and his firm with a broader cultural history of the movement that brought natural food and health from the margins to the mainstream, it uncovered the role that books and magazines played in disseminating concerns about technology, industrialization, and pollution in the postwar United States.

I am currently at work on a book manuscript based on this research that will be forthcoming from The University of Washington Press’s Weyerhaeuser Series.

to learn more about my work on Rodale, click here

to learn more about me, click here

1976 Natural Living in Health Calendar


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